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Welcome to Mullins Day Care. This is an exciting stage in your child’s education and we understand. We have a young pool of talented and caring teachers who are not only trained but naturally gifted. Our teachers do their best to inspire confidence, spark curiosity and develop analytical skills which are important for your child’s growth and development. At Mullins Day Care, we follow a special curriculum in language program that helps develop interest in reading. Our teachers use text from daily to daily life which makes it easy for children to rasp things quicker. Our science curriculum is built to spark curiosity in your child. Our teachers are always open to new ideas and learning to accelerate the growth and development in your child. We have open door policy with flexible schedule allowing parents to visit whenever they wish, to involve them in the child’s growth.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each child need loving relationship with trainer caregivers in the best possible environment and materials to allow the child to freely explore and experiment, to understand the culture and language in harmony with their parental environment.

Our Goals Are

To provide safety and appropriate learning environment.
To provide a healthy environment and safe habits
To develop social interactions with peer group and adult.
To encourage awareness of different culture and people and ability to accept it.

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