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Taking care of a toddler is much different than taking care of a preschooler. Toddlers are learning to walk, they are learning to speak and being a group can teach them if done right.

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Day Care In Pleasanton, CA

Mullins Day Care & Child Care is a place of protection for toddlers where they are given individual attention and meticulous care. Our main aim is to provide quality care to the infants and toddlers so they feel safe and cared for.

Our toddler care staff is specifically trained to take care of toddlers.Each staff looks after a small group of toddler, only two or three so she or he can provide his/her full attention to each one of the babies. These staff are carefully selected to take care of your child. We pay good wages to our staff so they are also fulfilled in their professional life. We believe that happy caregivers give happy care. As we mentioned above, unlike pre-schoolers who have developed a fairly good sense of identity, with clear preferences, dislikes, inclinations and behaviors, however a toddler or newborn is developing a sense of identity. Part of what the child receives from the caregiver is a sense of who the caregiver is; that interpretation is translated into the child’s own self-definition. 

We evaluate our toddler caregiver very carefully before hiring them to take care of toddlers and see their performance. Any lack of professionalism, and we will replace them with someone who is more able. For us the child’s well being is the most important thing.

We understand the importance of having a space and having small groups. Too many toddlers can create chaos and confusion in the group, that’s why we keep the group size small. The toddlers are given enough space, so the caregivers can move around without an issue. If you are leaving your toddlers for long hours, we incorporate the outdoors and indoors equally so they don;t feel claustrophobic and fussy. We give toddlers a safe environment to explore and get some fresh air. If you are visiting in between the shift, we have a place for toddler and parent to have their personal time away from other kids. Infants that are still breastfeeding can feed in privacy.

We understand that toddlers need small quantities of food throughout the day. Unlike bigger kids or adults they don’t eat two times a day or three times. Toddlers would need to feel every few hours. We will communicate with the parent and prepare food, milk or formula and store it in the fridge with the label so we can heat it up and feed them in a timely manner.

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Get In Touch With Us !

Get In Touch With Us !

A toddler’s caregiver is always on alert. They are always keeping an eye on your kids to make sure they are fine. They are trained to be extremely aware of their environment to avoid any mishaps. Caregivers will change diapers and redress your toddlers when they need, so they can stay hygienic and clean.

We try not to switch the caregiver, so your child can grow a trustworthy bond with the caregiver. Since we are all social beings, we know it can be hard for a child to lose a close one and create trust with a new person. We will make sure your toddlers stay with one caregiver for their entire year. We keep training our staff every few months to stay updated and be performing better. If you need a reliable toddler care service, Mullins Day Care & Child Care is here for you. Call us today to know more.


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