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More than seventy percent of women and men do a 9 to 5 job five days a week, sometimes six. As important as babies are to us, providing food on the table as important. For most it is not an option to take extended maternity leaves.

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Day Care In Pleasanton, CA

There is good news for such parents. Daycare services have been in history for many-many years now, taking care of kids while the mothers worked. Mullins DayCare & Child Care is an exceptional licensed day care center that has years of experience in the field of child caring.

Day care provides care and safety to children like infants, toddlers, or preschoolers by a professional caregiver. It is an important facility for working parents. Mother and father who are working at a full time job can’t take care of their kids on their own. Hiring a nanny can be quite expensive if you want someone trained and professional and asking a relative look for your kids is preventing your kid from learning a lot of things. When you kids are small, as small as toddlers they start to learn. Confiding them in a house without any stimulation can be very detrimental to their cognitive development. Day care is the perfect solution for your kids.

Daycare is safe. It’s an institute that is heavily guarded, monitored and you are always aware of what your kid is doing. He/she feels to develop social skills through day care. Canter based day care like Mullins Day Care & Child Care Has trained and certified staff. They have gone through extensive training to take care of kids. Unlike hiring a nanny or asking a relative to take care of your child, you don’t need to take a leave if your caregiver is sick or can’t make it that day. Day care centers have people from all ethnicities and cultures, it gives an opportunity for your kid to learn about other people, know new things, make new friends, and improve their vocabulary.

Day care is much less stressful for a parent than hiring a nanny. There is a perfect schedule. You don’t have to wait for your nanny to show up so you can leave for work. You can drop off your kid at our place at your own time. It is also better for your kid to follow a schedule, since we have a routine for every activity, especially food and naps. Feeding kids at the right time keeps their health in check. Daycare’s are better at planning their curriculum and teaching the kids than individual caregivers. When you leave your kids at Mullins Day Care & Child Care, you know not only is your kid safe and sound, they are also learning new things.

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Get In Touch With Us !

Get In Touch With Us !

Mullins Day Care & Child Care is a state license facility that has met all the safety and health exams. We guarantee you professional and caring caregivers that would pay all the attention to your infant. Choosing Mullins Day Care & Child Care helps your child transition into kindergarten. We make sure to follow government-set health and safety requirements and also all the regulatory standards of your particular state at the National Health and Safety Center of Child Care and Early Childhood, or at Child Care Conscious.

There are many daycares but you need to choose the one that is in your local area, that has a good reputation, get a referral if you can and ask around. There should be no compromising when it comes to your kids. Mullins Day Care & Child Care is an open book, if you have any questions, want to see our curriculum or want to know more, call us.


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