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Mullins Day Care & Child Care understands how stressful it can be leaving your child for the first time at a new location and concentrating on work. We have taken care of thousands of kids over the years and we know just how the parents feel.

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Mullins Day Care & Child Care has 30 years of experience taking care of kids for the people of Dublin. You talk to our previous members, parents who have had great experience with us and come to us for their subsequent kids. Safety is the number of priority at our facility and second is the child’s comfort. We want your kid relaxed when they are here. We don’t want to make them feel like it’s a school or some place their parents leave them to for long hours. We operate in such a way that kids fall in love with our facility. We have fun activities, play rooms, teachers who teach them stuff in a fun and interactive way. We give importance to physical activity. We don’t keep the kids sitting in one place and bite them the whole time you are gone. Our staff always keeps the kids engaged in new things. 

As far as curriculum is concerned, we have a curriculum that fits kids of all personality. It gives the leeway for the kid to learn new things without feeling the pressure of studies. Children are encouraged to find their own interests. They can draw, they can write, they could play mini piano or they could build houses from Lego bricks. We want them to engage their friends, develop their social skills. They can learn about teamwork and friendship. It also teaches them about healthy competition. Kids who go to daycare learn a great deal more than what they would have learned at their home. They are much better at transitioning into kindergarten. Our facility is built in a way that your kids will have extra room to play, run around, or simply sit with their friends and enjoy doing group activities. Our family seminars and group discussion discuss how to be a better parent. How to take care of your kids and things in the same line. For us the well being of a child is the most important thing.

At Mullins Day Care & Child Care we are not strongest with visits or calls. You can call or visit at any time. Our staff is more than accommodating to get in touch with your child so you can stay updated. We monitor the kids closely, each child is given individual attention. We see what they need and make sure they don’t feel left behind. Mullins Day Care & Child Care’s staff knows how important meals and rest is for kids. Our meal planning keeps the kids fed in a timely manner. Infant kids may have breast milk given by the parents and stores at our facility or milk formula. Our staff provide them healthy snacks. We provide individual beds to kids to rest. We clean and change their clothes in a sanitary way if they spoil them accidentally. Taking care of kids means a lot to us. We have a reputation to withhold, we do our job in a way to not give you any space for complaints. Mullins Day Care & Child Care is open to communication. Don’t hesitate to raise concerns, suggest changes or anything else.

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Mullins Day Care & Child Care is a much reasonable expenditure than hiring a professional nanny. A daycare center is a much better experience for a kid than staying at home the whole day. Preschool kids can teach a lot about kindergarten at a daycare. We teach a lot of things in day care that they teach in kindergarten just in a more easy and laid back way. In the context of their everyday experiences children learn numbers and the alphabet. The natural world of plants and animals and practical practices such as cooking, participation, or serving snacks provide the basis for learning. If you need a school in Dublin that is dedicated to the safety of the child while providing them with a place they can enjoy and learn new things, Mullins Day Care & Child Care is the place for you. We have been doing this more than thirty years and we are experts at it. Every employee of Mullins Day Care & Child Care is well-trained, has an absolutely clean background and is highly skilled in teaching and taking care of kids. If you have questions or if you want to see how we work, visit our daycare. Or call us on the number given. We are looking forward to taking care of kids.


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