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Are you a parent looking for a reliable and trustworthy daycare? Mullins Day Care & Child Care, we provide day care services for the residences of Livermore with professionalism and sincerity. We are here to take care of your kids the way you would.

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With more than 30 years of experience and a staff that is highly trained, we make sure you get the best out of the hours you leave your kid with us. Daycare centers not only take care of your kid while you are at work, at Mullins Day Care & Child Care we also develop the child’s social and intellectual skills. We teach them how to work in a team. We encourage them to develop their problem solving skills. Kids can learn a lot more when they are out of their parental supervision. Mullins Day Care & Child Care provides them a safe haven where they can explore new things, meet kids of their own age and develop as a person. Kids who stay at daycare centers are much more socially developed and have a higher self esteem than kids who are home schooled. We provide kids a wide variety of educational and social opportunities to learn from.

Mullins Day Care & Child Care is one of the best choice of day care centers for the people of Livermore. We are one of the most reputed and most referred daycare centers in Livermore. We are proud of the way we operate. With studies, physical activities and creative activities, we keep the kids involved without compromising on comfort. We do not show television to the kids, we understand the importance of getting as much time out of the screen as possible in the world where we are surrounded by screens. We focus on talking, reading, writing. We sing, dance and make the experience as interactive as possible. We teach them how to focus their curiosity to create new things. We teach them through methods that they will enjoy. No matter the type of personality your kid has, it’s our duty to take care of them. We will keep them safe and happy when you are gone. When you choose Mullins Day Care & Child Care, you have the safety of knowing you have left your child at a place they will enjoy. You can relax and focus on your work when we take care of your kid. We are always available on the phone, if you need to see your child, talk to them or check on them you are always welcome. Our facility ensures a medic is always present at the facility for emergency situations. All our employees are well vetted and background checked before hiring.

We take infants, toddlers and preschool kids at our facility. Our premises are big enough for the kids to feel free and not congested. We follow through a specially made educational curriculum that you can look at if you wish. It is developed keeping in mind the child’s brain. We don’t want to burden them with learning, we want to make them learn with enjoyment. We have activities for them that will teach them new things. We don’t want to make them scared of learning. We want them to feel excited about coming to the daycare. We will teach them to recognize letters, numbers, shapes, colors through sight. We teach them basic math which makes a base for their ahead. We read them story books, we encourage creative activities such as drawing, sculpting, puzzle solving, Lego buildings, etc. Our Preschool program can help you kids transition to kindergarten much easier.

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One of the most important aspects of our daycare is taking care of your kid. We take care of their meals. You can give us a list of things they can or cannot eat. We plan a diet that fulfills all their dietary nutrition. Our professionals not only looks at their meals, the amount of the meals and the timing at which they would be served. You can talk to our staff about any preferences you have, we are always more than happy to accommodate. We have beds and cribs for kids for a comfy nap time. If your baby is breastfeeding, you can leave us a bottle of breast milk that we label and store in our refrigerator for the time they need to feed. Or we also have formula milk that we feed to babies that have yet not started on solid food. We take care of hygiene. Our trained staff will properly clean and dress up your kid if they accidentally go in their pants. You can trust in taking care of your child in the way you would want. We are a licensed daycare center in Livermore, that is more than happy to include your child in our family. We give them the perfect place to learn, enjoy and stay safe when you are working. You can be tension free when you hire Mullins Day Care & Child Care.


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